As an overall pictorial representation of the major components of ZooM, the all-inclusive workflow depicts how this comprehensive and robust sales force automation solution is competent to manage, plan and automate end-to-end sales & business processes to enhance profitability & productivity. It highlights the key modules, stakeholders, process flows, third party integration, inputs and outputs involved in the system, which when put together, are sure shot reasons to achieve around 40% – 50% faster RoI, improved efficiency and augmented effectiveness.

Built with the best practices of field sales processes, this end-to-end solution workflow, with the mobile client, back office & communication services, supports online & offline mode, with its seamless configuration with add-ons like Bluetooth support for the printer. The workflow emphasizes the processes through which different stakeholders benefit in their own ways. On-field executives avail the advantage of increased sales, smarter action plans, productive call & efficiency. Managers garner customer insights, organized sales plan, BI analytics, sales team management & task automation. The top management enjoys the benefits of data security, increased revenue, defined sales strategy and sales trends forecasting.