Sales Force Automation to Keep up Pace with FMCG

Sales force automation finds its applications in varied and diverse industries and domains. With modernization touching every possible field one can think of specialized FMCG sales force automation software are making their mark for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry, lending a helping hand for improvised performances.


Unique Challenges faced by Field Force Automation for FMCG


FMCG networks are spread over large geographies and sales are done through a large network of retailers, which could be large stores or smaller ones. It is a huge challenge for enterprises to manage the day to day workflows spread over wide geographies including wide networks.


Returns on Investments on shelf spaces is a perpetual nightmare as the enterprises need to logically predict the demands based on various forecasts and match the expected sales accordingly.


Co-ordinations with distributors and putting a geared up supply chain management in place becomes a long process, requiring constant attention.


A huge field force if not supervised with a methodical approach poses severe threats to efficiency and productivity. A well-organized sales force has a direct relation to both increased sales and increased RoIs.


SFA for a Boost to FMCG


Sales force automation sets out to make work and workflows easier to follow and tightly coupled with each other to increase the productivity of the sales teams to deliver a satisfying experience to the FMCG consumers.


  • Efficient Supply Logistics


Automated systems report stock status from each point of sales spread across a large geography. Periodic reports and dashboard based status reports on the sales persons’ fingertips helps device policies to intimate distributors constantly and ensure efficient supply logistics.


  • Relevant and Enticing Displays at Stores


End displays controlled by FMCG Sales Force Automation software at stores, coupled with modern location based services and IoT ensures an enjoyable user experience to the walk-in customers.


  • Competitor Intelligence under Surveillance


Competition handled smartly is bound to lead to success. Reports from the field, bound directly to SFA is a sure boost to intelligent strategy planning.


  • Maximizing Sales Person Utilization


Automating scheduling of visits and tasks of Sales persons using Field force automation for FMCG increases the productive times of the Sales force personnel. The schedules, visits and visit reports are so intricately coupled in the system that it leaves a rare scope for wasting or misusing the time allotted. Besides enforcing discipline, a good SFA helps sales people to plan their activities to maximize productivity.


  • Connected and Aware Teams


Connected sales people empowered with analytic tools to gauge the on goings in the territories as well as to predict the markets means better and methodical approaches. The improved co-ordination amongst team increases the scope of scaling up the business. The momentum of the teams ensure dramatic escalations in sales.


  • The Power of Mobility


Mobile devices and SFA specially designed or customized to handle the demands of FMCG allows the sales people to carry on work with an anytime anywhere approach. For a domain as dynamic as FMCG, integrating mobility goes a great length because of instant access to the system.


Efficient Handling of Workflows through SFA for FMCG


A prudent Field force automation for FMCG speeds up critical workflows manifold.


  • Sales


This specialized SFA manages the sales process in FMCG with an end to end approach. The platform empowers sales persons to explore leads, culminate them and procure orders with ease, efficiency and flexibility offered by modern tools. An integrated stock management system keeps track of details of secondary and tertiary data.


  • Distribution


The very wide and dense distribution networks of FMCG can be managed more effectively by implementing a sound SFA. Profiling of both retailers and distributors means a more productive system. The analytic capabilities of Field force automation for FMCG ensures possibilities of associating with maximum possible retailers.


Once related to the FMCG enterprise, retailer stock statuses can be tracked by the SFA itself, keeping the distribution network in sync with the expected requirements to avoid out of stock situations.


The inbuilt communication tools eliminate gaps in distribution network.


  • Post Sales


Post sales situations like return of goods or complaints and feedbacks from end users at the retailer outlets can be recorded into the SFA for FMCG to devise corrective actions for the future.


Happy customers mean loyal customers and consistent sales.


Special discounts, schemes and offers when communicated promptly with efficient SFAs lead to increased satisfaction from retailers and distributors ensuring them that they are associated with safe enterprises.


  • Marketing


Marketing and advertising correctly using appropriate channels is very critical especially in FMCG.


FMCG Sales Force Automation software allows monitoring, optimizing and analyzing marketing campaigns intelligently. Monitoring of out-door campaigns and hoardings using location based services is a great idea for FMCG.


Features of Field Force Automation for FMCG


A special SFA for FMCG needs to have all the features expected out of a sales force automation software.


  • Fully Mobile
  • Product Profiling
  • Profiling Entities
  • Order Management
  • Reminders for Follow-ups
  • Track Payment Status
  • Stock Management
  • Daily Tasks Scheduling
  • Track Location
  • Task Management
  • Secure Communication
  • Marketing Audits
  • RoI based Reports
  • Integration with existing systems


In a Nutshell


SFA is the confirmed indispensable powerful tool for sales force personnel to carry out their day to day activities with the help of contemporary techniques to simplify the otherwise complex Sales cycle of enterprises.


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