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Sales Force Automation the Key to Keeping the Customer Engaged!!

A Field Sales Force Automation Solution besides abbreviating the sales cycles, consolidates the customer services and hence relations making automation a second skin for almost any enterprise that chooses to work smart and not hard. Sales force automation software is the complete & extensive solution to keep the customer engaged and loyally so!

Sales Force Automation the Key to Keeping the Customer Engaged!!

Interesting Statistics Related to the Adoption of SFA By the Aberdeen Group

Sales DealsIncrease By 27%

Sales Cycle Duration Decreases By 16%

Time-To-Quote Reduces By 15%.

The Buying Power Increases By 26%

Sales Administrative Costs Slashed By 14%.

Improving Customer Touch Points with SFA

SFA and customer relationship management have a close connect. The touchpoints of being in sync with the end customer are of critical importance to enterprises and a comprehensive SFA make these engaging enough.

Contact Management – Communicating Effectively with the Customer

To improve the efficiency of managing contacts with personalization, SFA solutions prioritize the leads into various insightful categories like qualified, interested and already contacted. SFA helps automate tasks which are time-consuming, especially scheduling sales appointments or sending of follow-up letters and emails with a personal touch.

Data related to daily call activities is captured through SFA and converted to meaningful information to prompt the salespeople to communicate effectively. Automated reminders for important appointments and critical tasks come in handy too.

Order Management – Keeping the Customer Aware

A prudent order management module integrated in the field force tracking and automation software across multiple channels keep the customer in sync with the status of the order and the whereabouts of the shipments in real-time delivering very engaging experiences to the customer.

Always in sync, the customer is more connected to the on-goings and feels a part of the process right from order to delivery and also extending both the sides.

Rules of Thumb to Develop Satisfying Customer Experiences For SFA

It is important that SFA software gets it right while devising various strategies to offer fulfilling experiences to the customer base.

Understand the Expectations

The needs of the customers change with every passing year. Keeping the millennial user engaged is a big task in itself. It then becomes of critical importance to gauge the expectations and design the experiences of the SFA in accordance.

User Interface Design is the Key

User interfaces remain a very important factor to keep the customer engaged. Once the acceptance rate of the software increases, making the most of the experiences becomes easier for the customer and effective for the enterprise.

Top Approaches for Improving CX

SFA designers remain conscious of various approaches to improving the overall customer experiences delivered through their software.

Offering Seamless Multichannel Customer Experiences

In the millennial world, the customer shifts from one device to another like never before. Communications too intersperse various mediums, right from emails to social media. Seamless experiences across channels go a long way to keep the customer experiences in tune with the millennial expectations and lead to an omnichannel approach.

Adopting Personalization

The most important goals of a data-driven marketing strategy are personalizing the customer experiences. Personalization needs to be well planned and coordinated to make the most of and keep the customer engaged.Integrating BI & Analytics focused on the customer is integral to refining the customer experience and most managers believe customer analytics helps to improve the sales rate quite a bit with a structured approach to analyzing industry and customer segments.

Self-Service for Customers

Elements of self service keep the customers in sync with the on goings with an anytime-anywhere approach improving the customer connect tremendously with a SFA system.

Loyalty Management

Happy customers are the loyal customers. Loyalty management measures and optimizes every interaction the customer has with the enterprise and cashes in opportunities to engage further.

Safety & Security

The importance of the privacy of data of customers go without saying.Sales force automation software using trustworthy methods to protect the data from getting tampered or any misuse rate high on customer satisfaction.

Enhancing Sales team Effectiveness for Accelerated Customer Engagement

It goes without saying that an effective team certainly is focused on the customers and lead to better, relevant & timely interactions with the customers to improve the interest of the customers.The sales force gets as effective as possible with competent SFA solutions.

Product and Pricing Visibility

Field force tracking and automation software ensures that both the customer and salesperson have complete information regarding the products or services and its pricing. The software goes beyond the basic operations & provides the users; both the customers in self-service mode & the salesperson with appropriate permutations & combinations of best prices while making selections.

The improved visibilities make work easier for the salespeople and increase the confidence of the end customers resulting in favorable sales and also streamlining the efforts in the most appropriate way.

Strategizing Marketing

SFA solutions in sync with Analytics help in generating logical plans & realistic budgets leading to a prudent marketing strategy to accelerate the sales process.

Capitalizing on Intelligence

Sales Force Automation gathers intelligence from the past records to accelerate efforts for lead conversions as well as customer engagements in the future.

Reports & dashboards generated from various disparate sources to gives a real time picture of the efficiencies & productivity levels of salespeople & their activities, sales figures and other metrics for measuring key parameters.

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile technologies make seamlessness a practical possibility. With multiple touchpoints made available to all users; customers, sales force as well as managers, effectiveness increases along with reduction in mundane tasks.

Fusing the Cloud& On-Premise

Cloud based SFA systems are accessible for the sales force on the go, with appropriate mobile device management policies in place, it means seamless work on-premise or off-premise for all, 24*7.

In a Nutshell

Field sales force automation solutions transform to adapt to the changing needs of the millennial customers to get an edge over competitors. With the anytime anywhere approach, SFA ensures superior user experiences across the spectrum of users including of course the customers.





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