Sales Force Automation – Keeping Information on the Fingertips 24*7

Sales Force Automation is instrumental in designing processes across various departments of the Enterprise so that they are in complete sync with each other with maximum automation. Reduced sales cycles and improved customer satisfaction results in quicker and better RoI.

SFA today is by far the most powerful tool the field force possess today, allowing them to have information on their fingertips 24 by 7. Implemented in conjunction with the various trending technologies like BI & Big Data and the various mobile technologies, empowers Enterprises like none other.

Sales Force Automation

The Usefulness of SFA

SFA is a comprehensive software with integrated modules for

  • Lead Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Feedback & Complaints

Information collected from the field can be shared within the sales team, and managers can easily generate reports to track performances and prompt corrective actions. In the back-office, SFA can be integrated with the enterprise call center, so that when a customer phones in, call center agents can give a personal touch to the conversation.

Standard software to carry out the SFA related functions are available and many companies follow this route of done-on-own, rather than an integrated SFA. This approach has its own drawbacks as it requires prompt recording of actions like visits, conversations and orders. And it does not end there. Data captured on individual machines need to be synchronized with the central back office repository.

The more comprehensive and practical alternative are the specialized sales force automation systems integrating all the requirements of the field workforce.

Integrating Core Functionalities

Contact Management & Scheduling

Contact Management and Scheduling is the central focus of a SFA software. Besides the client details, a Contact Management module stores the entire history of the sales workforce interactions with the client. This would record all communications, quotations, order details and more.

Scheduling includes

  • Diary & appointments
  • Reminders
  • Meeting timetables
  • Dynamic scheduling of calls & reminders
  • Automated emails according to buying patterns

Data Synchronization

Synchronization is a very important part of SFA systems if the system is the traditional on-premise set up. In this two way synchronization quotes, orders and contact details from the site visits are sent back to the back office, while prices and schedules are sent back from the office to the sales force.

Proper synchronization enables sales team and the field force to share the appropriate information with each other and on time all through the proper screens and a binding Sales Force Automation System

  • Customer management
  • Accounts
  • Product
  • Stock systems

Reports & Dashboards

Reports and indicative dashboards generated from the SFA system keep information on the fingertips of the sales personnel and their managers. Reports can be generated for various purposes

  • Territory wise sales
  • Product line or sales person performance
  • Monitor sales people’s activity and productivity
  • Marketing projections and plans
  • Sales forecasts
  • Telemarketing campaigns

Insightful Analytical reports and dashboards right from sales, workforce performance or even projections or customer feedbacks are a part of SFA system. These offer a better idea of the on-goings rather than paper based or non-integrated alternatives.


Since the data in a SFA is transmitted back and forth the devices of the sales force and the back office, it goes without saying that then it is of prime importance to keep the data safe and secure on the networks and also on the data stores. It is vital to have a proper policies for security and mobile device management in place.

In a Nutshell

Sales Force Automation software supports multiple departments like sales & service department and to a very large extent within the marketing department. Sales Force Automation gives many reasons to Enterprises to invest in and develop this niche software with an aim to improve the overall efficiency, speed of operations and hence assure quick RoI.

Mobile Sales Force Automation from SPEC INDIA

ZooM, the Mobile Sales Force Automation Software from SPEC INDIA boasts of very competent Reports & Dashboards coupled with intelligent Analytics. Zoom mobilizes and automates the activities of the sales force, customer executives and the field representatives, synchronizing them with the back office. The end result is a complete end-to-end field force automation application focusing on integrating the planning and execution of field staff activities along with the availability of business critical information right on time.

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