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Sales Force Automation for FMCG, Right Up to the Shelf

Fast moving consumer goods is a completely different ball game as far as implementing a field force automation system is concerned. With a huge network of distributors and retailers, the large number of items to be sold and markets to be catered to and monitoring the large number of sales force involved; FMCG becomes a tough nut to crack. Competent SFA systems keep up pace with FMCG.

Sales Force Automation for FMCG

      Implementing Contemporary Methods of Sales & Marketing

      A sales cycle for FMCG comes with its own set of challenges. Keeping track of things from leads to culminations is a big task as FMCG is a very dynamic industry to handle with sales set up across wholesalers and retailers.

      With intelligent market satisfaction comes a completely new way of marketing; personalized marketing. A SFA integrated with mobile devices provides a convenient platform to have targeted campaigns to suit the pulse of the location. Add to it the benefits of putting social media opens up a more reachable way of marketing.

      Intelligent shelf displays too can be devised using a prudent SFA for the correct user engagement at POS.

      All in all, when information remains on the fingertips of all concerned 24*7, SFA is bound to give the much needed push to sales.

      Handling Stock Levels & Predicting Requirements

      The stocks in a fast moving consumer goods scenario are of diverse varieties and need to be handled in different manners as they could be both perishable and nonperishable with a short life or long. Without any sort of automation, it is very difficult to keep a track of goods coming to the end of their lives or already expired.

      Predictions and forecasts give out cautions and alerts for timely procurements avoiding any ‘out of stock’ situations.

      Procurement & Distribution

      The distribution channels when not manned by a combination of devices and software, puts forward a great task to keep a track of retailer requirements and the distributor capacity. A seamless integration achieved by the SFA makes it possible for a smooth procurement to sales cycle.

      Once a sound SFA is in place, prudent predictions make the procurement and distribution cycles more efficient and productive.

      Vehicle Tracking

      GPS enabled van sales tracking apps are better integrated into the SFA itself and without these keeping a tab on vehicular movement and the hindrances they face become very difficult to track.

      Integrating logistics becomes indispensable for the success of sales force automation.

      Keeping Tab of Customer Feedback

      Integrating customer feedbacks and complaints turns out to be a nightmare when automation is not implemented for FMCG simply because of the sheer number of end customers. Automation means taking into account troublesome situations and take correct actions to avoid repeats.

      Assured customer satisfaction this way becomes a part of SFA, alerting the sales workforce to tackle every segment of market with correct appropriateness.

ZooM for Field Force Automation

A mature sales force automation system built using the best practices of field sales force; ZooM emerges as a very successful Enterprise Mobile solution for Field Sales Automation for FMCG, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical & Manufacturing Industry implemented for leading fortune 100 clients across the globe.

It is an end to end solution with mobile client, back office and communication services to manage, plan and execute sales routines for target markets.

      Technical Features

    • Scalable and portable
    • Multiple platform support
      • Java
      • Windows
      • Android
      • HTML5
    • Data synchronization
      • GPRS
      • EDGE
      • 3G
      • WiFi
    • Supports Online & Offline mode
    • Local data storage for remote area field activities
    • Customizable to suit tailored requirements
    • Seamless integration with any third party ERP / Legacy system
    • Configurable to accommodate any add-ons:
      • Bluetooth Support for Mobile / Desktop Printer
      • E-Mail Integration
      • Bar Code Scanner
      • SMS Integration

      Benefits of ZooM for FMCG

      ZooM, along with its much acclaimed benefits across industries and domains, brings in special advantages for FMCG as well.

      • Efficient Supply Logistics
      • Designing Relevant and Enticing Displays at Stores
      • Stock Management
      • Tracking vehicles and stock on the move
      • Maximizing Sales Person Utilization
        • Daily Tasks Scheduling
        • Connected and Aware Teams
        • Task Management
      • Product Profiling
      • Profiling Entities
      • Order Management
        • Reminders for Follow-ups
        • Tracking Payment Status
      • Secure Communication
      • Fully Mobile
      • Marketing Audits
      • RoI based Reports
      • Competitor Intelligence under Surveillance
      • Seamless integration with existing systems

    In a Nutshell

    Specialized SFA systems for FMCG gives the sales force the much needed answers to their day to day questions.

    • What stores need to be visited?
    • What are the best promotions and deals for which store?
    • Is the shelf organized enough at this store?
    • Which distributor is the best to be approached for which product?
    • How long will it take the products to reach the store?
    • What is the sales history at this store?

    The answers empower the sales force to decide further course of action and provide the key decision makers the much needed insights to achieve enhanced performances.

    ZooM emerges as a very powerful sales force automation software from SPEC INDIA.

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