Pre-Sales the Backbone of Sales Force Automation Solutions

Pre-Sales, is quite simply put, all the activities carried out by an organization before acquiring a customer. The progress of an entity from being a Lead to a Prospect to a Customer is a very delicate one requiring focused attention.

Pre Sales With Zoom

An enterprise failing to recognize the importance of Pre-sales in their Sales Force Automation workflow faces tough situations in terms of downfall or loss in business. Appropriate pre-sales activities help in capitalizing on the opportunities and handling leads correctly.

It is then imperative that pre-sales be an all important part of Sales Force Automation solutions, to make sure that the sales pipeline gets the much required kick-start and ensure that the Sales Force Automation Software remains complete and extensive.

The Differences between Sales & Pre-Sales

There is a very thin line of difference between the two, as Sales and Pre-Sales are closely coupled with each other.

Presales is more like a counseling activity for the prospective clients, analyzing their business and suggesting the appropriate product or service to order. It emerges as an aid to the Sales & Marketing teams and advises the clients & leads to take favorable actions.

A typical Sales process would majorly require and consist of various roles and responsibilities which are shared as required by pre sales.

The Responsibilities of Sales Vs Pre-Sales

Sales Force Automation

The Ideal Features of a Pre-sales Module

Pre Sales experts would be involved in various activities at the appropriate stages in the sales lifecycle of a product or a service. It then becomes imperative that certain niche features are offered by the pre-sales module of a Sales Force Automation software.

  • Facilities to put business requirements of a prospect in a perspective
  • Tools to prepare appropriate presentations or demonstrations with an emphasis on how the problem would be solved
  • Respond to Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Proof of concepts preparations where applicable
  • Proposal preparation and offer generation
  • Synergizing with multiple departments & entities
    • The Marketing Department with an aim to share the pulse of the market.
    • Product Mangers to provide market feedback to keep changing the plans for the product or service
    • Sales Department to create comprehensive sales proposals

Zip, Zap, ZooM – Comprehensive and Contemporary

Pre-sales activities need to be appropriately integrated into the Sales Force Automation approach.

Zoom Sales Force

ZooM, the well acclaimed mobile sales force automation offering from SPEC INDIA focuses on automating day to day activities of the sales force on the move, leveraging modern day technologies. A real-time, robust and all-inclusive flow of information ensures a smooth sync between the back-office and the on-goings on the field.

This contemporary SFA Solution is compatible with most of the popular platforms and the connectivity to the back office is through GPRS, 3G mobile internet, Wi-Fi or Blue tooth .It is configurable to accommodate email integration, bar code scanner and SMS integration.

      A Snap Shot

    • An Enterprise Mobile solution for Field Sales Automation for diverse industries and domains
    • Built using best practice of field sales work flows
    • An end-to-end solution mobile client, back office & communication services
    • Proven and tested by Fortune 100 client and other FMCG players
    • Successfully implemented 5000+ routes across the globe
    • Helps manage, plan and execute the sales routines for target markets
    • Scalable and portable
    • Multiple platform support
      • Java
      • Windows
      • Android
      • HTML5

      Addressing various needs of an organization

    • Pre-Sales by Company / Distributor
    • Direct Sales by Company
    • Survey or Feedback
    • The Workflow

      SFA Workflow

Coming to the All Important ZooM Pre-Sales

The ZooM Presales facilitates the various roles and responsibilities at different levels within an enterprise.

  • MIS Level
    • Automates complete Pre-sales activities
      • Search and/ or Add Customer
      • Sales Management
      • Order Management
      • Report Generation
      • Configuration Settings
    • Provide real time updates to field force and back office
  • Field Sales Level
    • Download Routes at the start of day
    • Plan the day accordingly
    • Easily access customer details
    • Promotional offers
    • Captures Customer buying history while taking orders

    In a Nutshell

    If Sales Force Automation means putting information on the fingertips of all- 24 * 7; Presales is the very essential homework done by an enterprise before approaching prospects for sale. It could include finding out the background of the target, their probable requirements and other facts, figures and trends related to their market.

    A good homework would help the approaching teams to correctly pitch the products and services and give a greater sense of confidence in front of the client assuring the best of results.

    A Sales force automation software recognizing this ideology assures greater amounts of success to enterprises.

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