No More A Bitter Pill – Sales Tracking and Management for Pharmaceuticals

Medical representatives are the backbone of pharmaceutical industry. The specialized sales force for this industry, medical representatives communicate with medical practitioners, hospitals and retail pharmacies to market and get the company’s products across.

A Sales tracking and Management software for Pharmaceuticals not only helps with the commonly known business tasks of lead management, procuring orders, processing orders, managing contacts, sharing information, monitoring inventory, and analytics to forecast sales and assess performances; but also goes beyond offer certain special features catering to this industry.

Sales Tracking and Management for Pharmaceuticals

Specialized Features for MR Reporting and Sales Tracking

    • Daily Call Report
    • It enables companies to get reports on daily activities So that they can track the work done by the medical representatives in a better way. Such software enables company to keep track of MR’s activities when they are in the field. It also allows these representatives to enter their own activities like call related information, call plans and call reports in real time.

      This feature enables the company to devise marketing strategies effectively, by integrating user feedback and reduce the administrative work involved in filing call reports.

    • Doctor Management
    • This feature enables pharmaceutical companies to manage appointments with doctors. This SFA for medical representatives allow the pharmaceutical companies to track appointments with doctors scheduled by the MRs and keep a record of the on goings and the status of the meetings.

      It also allows companies to categorize doctors in accordance to their expertise and prompt the medical representatives to plan the themes of their visits, especially the first time visits accordingly.

      Festive offers for the doctors are also integrated into MR reporting and sales tracking and helps the representatives to improve their rapport with the doctors.

    • Chemist Orders through MRs
    • It is important for pharmaceutical company to manage the orders and keep a track of all transactions with the chemist shops as initiated by the medical representatives. Chemist orders feature is helpful to empower this specialized salesforce so that they have steady relationship with chemist shops.

      This feature enables companies to keep a track on pending orders, deliveries, billing status, transaction details and grievances if any and prompt timely corrective actions.

    • Expense Control
    • A very useful feature allowing pharmaceutical companies to manage the bills and keep record of all the expenses, along with MR reporting and sales tracking in a hassle free manner. It enables companies to access all the details of the costs incurred by the representatives and then easily detect if company’s MRs are submitting tailored bills.

    • Samples/Gifts control
    • This specialized SFA for medical representatives comes with a feature that allows companies to keep track of samples and gifts. It even enables companies to keep track of the distributed and pending samples and gifts.

      This feature makes it easier for the enterprise to manage the large amounts of seasonal goodies stored.

    • Secondary Sales Management
    • Medical Representatives placed on any location submit their monthly sales report to their Head Office on regular basis. This feature helps pharmaceutical companies to get updated with the status of each personnel, keeping sales on the fingertips using software for Sales tracking and Management for Pharmaceuticals.

Case Study – Moving Ahead into the Future

A well-known biopharmaceutical company offers niche medicines for specialized areas like urology and endocrinology. The company is dedicated to improve care through its products and services.

    • The Challenge
    • The sales team of this pharmaceutical giant used the usual server-client SFA software. With BYOD getting into vogue, sales representatives voiced their preference of using iPads for their daily work related to call records. The client-server SFA software failed to support the mobile devices and hence this company saw the need to think ahead for their MR reporting and sales tracking software.

    • The Solution
    • With an aim to improve medical representative productivity and efficiency, a new SFA was designed which catered to mobile devices and very specifically a special user experience was demanded for iPad users. The combination of iPad native features and the solution offered the best combination of latest mobile technologies and cloud computing to offer a robust solution.

    • The Result
    • Because of this SFA for medical representatives, the enterprise was able to create a better customer experience. Sales productivity was significantly increased and the software helped the team a lot to improve interaction with their customers by increasing visibility across multiple touch points and channels of communication.

      All in all this step of introducing a new software for Sales tracking and Management for Pharmaceuticals increased the RoI for the giant putting them way ahead of competition.

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