You are moving towards Failure without Sales Force Automation

Look at any business- small, medium or large, be it any domain or industry, be it any geography, there are certain basic bound requirements that contribute heavily to the success and growth of the business. Maximized ROI, increased productivity and profitability, enhanced customer satisfaction and retention, availability of real time information in the right format at the right time – who doesn’t yearn for these? In fact, organizations crave for all these success factors and put in ample effort to achieve the same.

One of the most mandatorily needed a solution that surely, plays a pivotal role in achieving success and business growth is the implementation of Field Force Automation software. With sure shot proven statistics, it has shown its mettle all around the globe. No more do we need to showcase what all it provides and how it can affect the entire performance angle of your organization.

But, there are organizations, which have sidelined the decision of implementing this wonderful solution, thinking clueless about the time, efforts and money to be put in and have no trace of what pitfalls are they going to plunge into, by its absence and how much harm will it cause to your own business.

Let us have a fleeting look at possible worst case scenarios that can arise if you avoid Sales Force Automation software.

No Sales Management Software A Nightmare to Face

5 Negatively Sure Shot Impacts that Businesses Encounter Devoid of Sales Management Software

  • Inaccurate and Insufficient flow of Information

Organizations surely have lots and lots of data accumulating over these years. But, how, without a SFA solution, are you going to extract, manage and monitor this information in the best possible way? It is simply impossible to get the required information, in the required format at the most appropriate time. What you need is a set layout of reports and dashboards at predefined intervals and that is not feasible without any automated solution. You will land up with a huge sea of information, all intermingled and scattered and absolutely not understandable.

  • Haywire Precedence Handling

With umpteen deals floating all over and a huge sales staff to take care of it, what you need the foremost is a Field force automation software to prioritize and manage all the leads in accordance with the sales staff and their geography, seniority, ability and other effective factors. Imagine, without an SFA solution, how would you be able to achieve the same? It is simply not possible to manage and monitor leads and assign them to sales staff with the best possible outcome and gain maximum conversion of leads into customers, without this solution. You will surely land up messing up the entire situation by giving undue importance to low lying leads and giving them to senior staff rather than involving them into important and crucial leads.

  • Lack of Sales Staff Performance Monitoring

Without an automated solution, you would never be able to monitor and manage employee performance in detail. What maximum you can grasp is the behaviour of the employee in terms of customer rapport, timeliness, discipline etc., but you surely would miss out on the various statistics that can easily get generated through a Mobile Sales Force Automation solution, which can give you the in-depth reporting analysis of revenue generation by an employee, % of lead conversion and much more. There would be lack of information and a healthy competition between groups, thereby bringing in a level of dissatisfaction and saturation, which will turn out to be harmful to business growth.  

  • Low Customer Retention

No automation, no records of customers and projects. How else would you be able to please and retain your customers, if there are no stored records of their past dealings with you and their experiences? In absence of sales management software, you lose out on the most precious history of information about your customers, their likes, dislikes, preferences, future goals etc. and hence, lessen the chances of getting repeat orders from them, because of lack of a proactive follow-up with them on orders.

  • Deficient Business Intelligence and Foretelling

It is an easy task to use your human intelligence and solve problems in your periphery but how would you handle problems occurring in other areas, which might be because of loopholes at your end? Who would tell you what is going wrong where? It is simply impossible for a human brain to use its intelligence and forecasting capability to do that. That is where you would need a sales tracking and management software, to do its job of using its business intelligence powers and be of great help, not only to your unit but to the entire organization.

ZooM – SPEC INDIA’s Flagship Sales Force Automation Solution – a Step Further

SPEC INDIA’s ZooM – an effective and efficient Mobile SFA solution has been implemented by various Fortune 500 companies and has proved its mettle with its attractive and quality rich features.

Zoom Field Force Automation Solution

An Enterprise Mobile solution for Field Sales Automation for FMCG, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical & Manufacturing Industry and more, ZooM is built using best practices of field sales work flows and showcases the following key features:

  • Real time ⁄ Near real time  information sharing between field staff and back office
  • Support for integration to multiple legacy back office ERPs
  • Achieve 40% – 50% faster Return on Investment through improved efficiency and effectiveness of field sales team
  • Increase productivity and enhance order booking  by  30+%
  • Reduce sales planning time by almost 50%
  • Increase client touch time and satisfaction

and many more…

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