Matching the Worth of Water- Field Force Management for Water Companies

Field force management software finds its presence almost everywhere, all domains and industries today. These versatile software designed to aid the day to day functioning of a field force oriented enterprises finds its applications in almost every kind of company. Implemented prudently, SFA software enables organizations to increase productivity and efficiency thereby assuring quick RoIs.

Establishing its comprehensive presence in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Wholesalers, FMCG and more, SFA becomes indispensable for Water Utilities service providers too.

Water companies broadly fall into two categories; Water Supply companies and the Bottled Water companies. The Water Supply companies run massive operations and wise collaborations with networks and layers of distribution; while bottled water companies essentially follow the SFA models for FMCG.

FIeld Force Automation Software For Water Suppiers - Companies

Specific Operations

The water supply sources which Water Utilities companies rely on are the obvious to the quite unobserved ones with millions of miles of distribution lines to reach this essential commodity to the user base spread far and wide.

  • Dams
  • Wells
  • Pumping Stations
  • Water treatment plants
  • Water towers

With privatizations in most of the countries, Water Utilities face tough competition too. Tactics to keep the customer base expanding by increasing the connections requires specialized dealings by the sales force personnel.

Contemporary Approaches for Field Force Management Software for Water Utilities

A contemporary approach to managing the SFA for Water Utilities just as many others, requires a big shift from the traditional methods of operations for most water companies across the world. Success, they say follows usability.

A mobile SFA is the call of the day and a certain vision to extend the operations requires the integration of mobile devices like the tablets and smartphones into the fold. It goes without saying that prudent enterprises foresee flexible and scalable operations working to their advantage and are drawn towards the Cloud technologies both for Software as well as Infrastructure. The adaptability and extensibility of such a field force management software ensures practical solutions for the enterprise as also an assured RoI.

With modern implementations comes the benefits of curating data with Big Data and drawing logical inferences from Business Intelligence and Analytics. Aptly integrated systems mean tight co-ordination between departments and SFA too value adds to the business knowledge of the Marketing teams to strategize their moves to increase the customer base.

Big Data and Social Media also play a huge role in helping water companies transform their approach from reactive to proactive as far as maintenance is concerned. Proper interpretation of data ensures that incidents or problems be detected before they even affect any customers.

Practical user experiences with the SFA keeps the users, including the employees themselves engaged fruitfully. New techniques like social media adds to the win-win situation.

Value Added Services

Thoughtful additions to the field force management software for water companies provides the necessary comprehensiveness to this very robust software. Vehicle Tracking Systems, track the whereabouts of the sales force themselves and their routes. A geo-fencing system appropriately integrated enforces the discipline needed in the movements of the Sales force based on the work allocation.

A service and maintenance system as a value addition not only increases the chances of customer satisfaction this system predicts correct time for the actions. Surely to be integrated in the near future with robotics and Virtual Reality; service and maintenance can be made more effective and reach out to the customer base far and wide.

And last but not the least, Mobile Device Management makes a grand entry on this scene with solutions to keep the enterprise software secure in the wake of multitude devices on the field and elsewhere accessing the system.

A Mobile SFA to the Advantage of the Water Utilities

Modern technologies are geared up to bring advantages to field force management software by value adding and also offering practical solutions for the betterment of day to day functioning.

Marketing Acumen

  • Business insights into market segments
  • Identification of target markets
  • Competitor knowledge gathering

Customer Acumen

  • Customer profile building to predict preferences and behavior
  • Developing appealing schemes & offers with insights drawn
  • Integrating customer feedback to improvise the processes
  • Improved Customer Service

Functional Advantages

  • Ease of communication
  • Better collaboration between departments
  • Remarkable increase in productivity
  • Efficient management of the sales team on the go

Overall Advantages

  • Providing appreciable user experiences
  • Increase in Revenues with assured RoIs

Mobile Sales Force Automation from SPEC INDIA

ZooM, the Mobile Sales Force Automation Software from SPEC INDIA boasts of very competent Reports & Dashboards coupled with intelligent Analytics. Zoom mobilizes and automates the activities of the sales force, customer executives and the field representatives, synchronizing them with the back office. The end result is a complete end-to-end field force automation application focusing on integrating the planning and execution of field staff activities along with the availability of business critical information right on time.

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