Happy Field Force Double Sales – Owe it to Mobile Sales Force Automation Solution

“A sale is not something you pursue; it’s what happens to you while you are immersed in serving your customer”.

A solution that has become synonymous with a customer centric focus increasing sales, maximizing ROI, enhancing productivity and much more is the most coveted Sales Force Automation Solution. And to add to its popularity, there is the Mobility factor that has got inevitably attached now making it an all-inclusive solution for enterprises, no matter what size and segment they belong to. With a plethora of salient features in its kitty like minimal infrastructure cost, low maintenance, faster prototyping, easy implementation, seamless integration, higher scalability to name a few, the Sales Force Automation Software fastens Go-to-market pace and increases market reach, leads, opportunities, clients and future predictions.

Today, can you assume your organization without any Sales Management Solution? Gone are those days when enterprises managed the entire field force and their activities on their own, without support from any software? And why should they do so? There are such comprehensive Mobile Sales Force Automation solutions available that the entire globe is mandatorily attracted towards its usage and implementation to the extent that you are moving towards failure without implementing SFA.

Field Force Automation Setting up an Amicable Friendship with the Sales Force Teams

The very first objective of any SFA solution would be to set up a cordial association with the sales force teams, who are the core users of the system and without whose cooperation and liking, it would simply be impossible to implement it at any enterprise. Finally, it is the sales force that needs to understand the significance of this solution to extract the best out of it. Following are the key areas that would touch upon the sales force’s daily operations and convince them to have this solution implemented in their daily life:

Field Force Automation

  • Vital Process Modifications
    • Processes and Appropriateness getting closer
    • Accurate mapping of software processes to sales person’s activities
    • Reduced sales cycle time, enhanced customer satisfaction
  • SaaS Driven Implementation
    • Less dependency of Sales force on IT staff
    • Minimal disturbance, increased returns for field force
  • External Integration
    • Seamless organization between legacy systems and the SFA solution
    • A solo opening to avail a variety of information to plan, monitor, execute and implement activities
  • Association within IT and Field Force
    • Least dependency of field force on IT
    • IT relying on sales teams for basic data
  • Real time Information
    • Provides a huge diversity reports – analytical, matrix, dashboards all with immediate and real time information
    • Sales people to showcase the best of performance with enhanced productivity

5 Key Focus Areas Forming the Basic Blocks of a Field Force Automation & Tracking Application


Presence of Mobile Technologies All Over

When we talk about a sales force team, roaming around geographies, the very first necessity to manage and maintain a track of their activities is surely get them all onto mobile devices, connected seamlessly to a centralized system. This provides a stable base to increase their field touch time, provide them with needed inputs instantly and thereby bring a steeping rise in sales and revenue figures directly.

Usage of the Cloud

It’s the Cloud all over. With a unique space for itself, the cloud technology has obviously seen its inevitable presence in the Sales Force Automation domain, with SaaS models paving its way for all types and sizes of segments. With such a lot of space online, it has now become an easy task to host solutions and manage them securely and flexibly.

CRM Integration

Integrating two stalwarts – SFA and CRM is one of the best of its kind, primarily because both have a common focus – the customer. Motivating the field force to do better, guide them thoroughly with proper facts and figures and thereby, deliver sales to the end client very much on time and with good quality – what more would you want from this merger?

Linking the Social Media

With technology going door to door and social media being a part of almost every human life today, it has become most essential to set up a social media integration of the field force automation solution. There couldn’t be a better way to connect with your customers, promote your products and keep the ball rolling other than social media bookmarking and marketing.

Preset Promotions

There is automation everywhere. Be it sales or marketing, automation has become a must and with both of them getting automated, it becomes a profitable and fruitful task to offer the best of results in terms of orders, leads, sales, customers and their loyalty.

SPEC INDIA’s ZooM – an effective and efficient Mobile Field Force Management Software has been implemented by various Fortune 500 companies and has proved its mettle with its attractive and quality rich features.

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