Get Set Go-to-market at a Fast Pace with Field Force Automation Solution

After all, what matters most is your own set of assets – your own people. For any size and type of industry segment, their own resources are most valuable. With a big bulk of them serving the organizations, it is a big challenge as well as a must to help them manage and execute their own business operations with niche and effectiveness. A perfect combination of extensive route planning, system monitoring, invoicing, inventor management, customer satisfaction is needed and that is what is obtained from a comprehensive Sales Force Automation Solution. It is the perfect way to showcase a precise and full circled picture of the market scenario. Rarely would you witness enterprises not going in for SFA solutions and those who don’t adapt to it are sure to face nightmares.

One very vital aspect of any business and especially when it involves a big bunch of field force is the go-to-market strategy that is defined by the organization in order to extract the best ways to connect with clients, deliver utmost value to target customers, bridge the gap between the lead to being actual customers and much more. Defining and executing a perfect go-to-market strategy is the key to successful management and monitoring of field force, ROI maximization and revenue generation. It culminates the essence of the major ingredients needed for successful business execution that, in a focussed manner, drive synergy and competition with full energy and positivity and set a thoroughly managed plan of action which specifies with transparency, how and when to approach your clients and mark your place in the market scenario. There is a sure shot mapping of the organizational business plan with the marketing strategy as defined by the department. Only then can a fast and effective go-to-market strategy be ensured.


Key Objectives of an Ideal Go-to-market Strategy

  • Alignment of revenue and client expectations as against the opportunities available
  • Mapping of the sales approach with the client’s purchasing needs
  • Alignment of the marketing and sales plan with each other
  • Synergy between marketing, sales, service, support, product teams
  • Management and monitoring of field force activities as against set objectives by the management

How is Sales Force Automation a Vital Factor in Fastening the Go-to-market Activities?

An effective and robust Mobile Field Force Automation solution acts as a booster to support and enhance your Go-to-market activities with its integrated set of features and applications. The major ingredients of any ideal Go-to-market strategy are the market, clients, sales channels, products and price. The elements of an all-inclusive SFA solution touch upon these pointers and provide a remarkable boost to the business efficacy.

  • For B2B companies, a SFA solution provides in-depth analysis into the details of why and how prospects and leads are delayed, lost or won. The solution acts as a window to witness the gaps that exist in the go-to-market strategy execution and thereby cull out the grey areas that prove to be a hurdle in business enhancement.
  • It helps in achieving success in almost all opportunities that are generated, thereby trying its best to not miss out on any.
  • Sales Force Automation creates a robust and stringent rapport between the products, marketing and sales teams, thereby integrating processes leading to enhanced productivity and profitability.
  • It helps in strategic planning and execution of team activities, which in turn, fastens the go-to-market time in a rapid manner.
  • It improves inter department communication and lays a brick solid foundation for a better go-to-market arrangement, leading to synergistic and flawless reporting between stakeholders at all levels.
  • Brings in a large amount to accountability, ownership and responsibility amongst the field force as well as other stakeholders, igniting all to address issues that are hampering the speed of go-to-market activities.
  • An ideal SFA solution attempts to bring out the issues and hassles that could lead to lessening the rate at which go-to-market strategy is being implemented. It helps in identification of roles and responsibilities that could play an important role in bringing about a fast paced business growth.
  • Alignment of goals, competitors, peers and KPIs is easily done with the information that is accumulated in the mobile SFA solution. This leads to deeper insights and better visualization of business, directly fastening the go-to-market strategy implementation.
  • There is a certain amount of balance that gets struck with this innovative solution implementation, which calls for what is good and what is not. It brings about a distinct discretion about what is to be implemented versus what could lead to a harmful output. Hence, the revenue targets that are set turn out to be highly realistic and does not create a rosy mirage.

SPEC INDIA’s ZooM – an effective and efficient Mobile Field Force Management Software has been implemented by various Fortune 500 companies and has proved its mettle with its attractive and quality rich features.

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