Effectual Lead Management with Sales Force Automation Solution

In this digitally driven globe, organizations can no longer depend on the traditional methodologies for their field force and management. To handle umpteen processes related to the sales processes, you need an all-in-one and comprehensive solution that is capable of handling and managing processes like lead management, field force connectivity, access to database, promotions / incentives / offers, inventory, performance and much more.

Sales Force Automation solution is the most convenient and appropriate path to business efficiency and effectiveness. It, not only looks at the sales force, it handles the other important areas as well and hence turns out to be a highly beneficial asset, an inevitable one.

One of the prime areas that need a large amount of focus is managing and handling leads. A comprehensive SFA solution turns out to be quite helpful when it comes to lead management. However abrupt it looks, but yes, it is able to handle the activities of lead management and thereby attempt its best to convert leads into customers into clients for life. Starting from generation of leads, capturing customer inquiries to filtration – gradation – distribution and contacting the leads form the crux of any comprehensive Lead Management solution.

Lead Management – Why is it so Important?

Primarily, the ‘Lead’ is the prospective client that the marketing person gives to the sales person for further discussions. The entire responsibility of getting in more clients lies with the sales staff. The marketing staff gives out a list of prospects to the sales people, who in turn, need to plan their routes, so as to optimize their routes and grab maximum orders they can. With certain schedules and conditions in place, the sales team has to perform its best to attend to maximum leads possible and do the needful to convert them into clients forever.

This is where the roles of Sales Force Automation software come into play and that too, heavily. Of course, there are different ways it can help based on the type of leads generated. Some leads could be still in the qualification state, some could already be contacted and some could still be in the pipeline. Based on the nature of the lead and its progress, the solution can help out its best to make it your client. Yet another area that needs a look at is the set of business rules, based on which the assignment of leads is done. Once that is set in place, there are least chances of any type of conflict over the sales zones and leads involved in each of them.

One of the prime reasons you need lead management and in turn, a SFA solution is because it helps businesses to understand which steps are getting you the best possible leads, which is how you can optimize your sales and decide on a strategy which is best suited to your requirements and is full proof and efficient. The entire analysis right from start i.e. how a person, who started off as a lead would get converted to a customer, would be right there at the tip of a finger, anytime, anywhere.

How would Sales Force Automation Software Optimize Lead Management?

Lead Management with Mobile Sales Force Solutions

  • Automatic task scheduling
  • Find, nurture and convert leads
  • Keeping track of events such as sales meeting, emails, alerts and notifications
  • Tracking and monitoring field force’s day to day activities
  • Setting up alarms and reminders for their delivery schedules
  • Increase volume of leads that are generated
  • Better management of leads starting from initial capturing till the sale is closed
  • Assists in converting leads into actual opportunities
  • Track all the possible information about the leads in the right manner at the right time
  • Appropriate routing and assignment to the most accurate team members
  • Management and tracking of campaigns carried out on all channels, be it social media
  • Track and score your leads with most valuable and up-to-date dashboards and reports
  • Maximize ROI with the best of returns and by winning more deals
  • Endures client relationships by strengthening the bond between the sales rep and the leads, right from inception till order fulfillment
  • Transition from traditional methods of marketing to modern marketing strategies

SPEC INDIA’s ZooM – an effective and efficient Mobile SFA solution has been implemented by various Fortune 500 companies and has proved its mettle with its attractive and quality rich features.

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