“What You Believe Is What You See” – A Success Story on FMCG Van Sales Tracking App – From the Horse’s Mouth

FMCG – Fast Moving Consumer Goods is a widely known concept and being the CEO of a well-established FMCG giant in Food & Beverages industry over a decade now, I always felt it was the mainstay of the global arena, with an increasing demand for all classes of product. This cumulative numbers have penetrated the consumption economy, relentless development in economic power at different levels, retail & media revolution and that has accelerated the need for customer preferences, information base and growing urbanization. Be it either branded or commoditized, certain vital multitasking forces – customer service, employee performance, business expansion to name a few, are a continuous hard hitting hammer on our heads. There was a time I always yearned for a global solution for Enterprise Mobile Field Sales Force Automation System that could help me take utmost care of all these parameters and give me a sigh of relief in terms of automating organizational sales force activities. And that is where I took the most apt decision of implementing a FMCG Sales Force Management Software – the right key to automate and facilitate the entire sales procedure, automatically handling various phases, providing support to customers as well as employees.

When I think of the first cut reasons why I wanted this solution, the bare facts that come to my mind are to automate day-to-day sales activities and provide data integration and interfaces with other back office applications. Maintaining uniformity of operations among versatility in workflows by getting the global operations under a harmonious environment to maintain a common objective was another prime focus area.

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It is a proven fact that organizations find it extremely tough to sustain and grow without implementation of SFA solutions. Fact and finding have time and again, proven that, SFA is turning up to be a sales person’s best friend. There are numerous Sales Tracking solutions available in the industry today. Owing to vivid features being demonstrated by all of these, it becomes a difficult and challenging decision for an organization to finalize on a particular product. At that point, what is most essential is to ensure that the Sales Force Automation software being chosen meet all your requirements to its best within the stipulated trilogy of cost, time and scope.

Did the Van Sales Tracking App Suffice Organizations Needs and How?

When my organization chose this particular versatile solution powered by cutting edge technology, the entire focus was on a robust technical architecture which automated almost 75% of manual work with online support using Web Services and APIs to manage master data information, field sales activities and data synchronization with the back office. Functionalities like Warehouse & Inventory, Sales & Distribution Management, Order Management and Financial Application were a part of the back office portal. This Java enabled Mobile client app with web services and APIs, encompasses the following:

  • Download master data into mobile client app with the assistance of web services
  • Execution of field sales activities
  • Use of upload interface for updating transactions into back office
  • Synchronization of data with existing ERP modules with the use of staging database

After such a lot of speculation and confusion, I had chosen the above solution and feel like sharing the wonderful benefits that my organization is witnessing owing to this Mobile SFA solution, fulfilling the enterprise needs to its best and giving me a high sense of satisfaction. Let me share with you certain obvious advantages that are a witness to my eyes directly:

  • About 50% faster RoI through improved efficiency and effectiveness of field sales team
  • Augmented order booking by  about 30%
  • Reduction in sales planning time by almost 50%
  • Easy and fast scheduling & sales report generation
  • Centralized tracking of client information
  • Optimized field sales activities and sales forecasting
  • Efficiency & profitability enhancement
  • Promotions management for field sales executives
  • Application security & user authentication

One of the prime areas that needed a large amount of focus is managing and handling leads. The SFA solution turned out to be quite helpful when it came to lead management, handling the activities of lead management and thereby attempting its best to convert leads into customers into clients for life. Starting from generation of leads, capturing customer inquiries to filtration – gradation – distribution and contacting the leads – this comprehensive Lead Management solution has it all.

A Value Addition in the Implementation of Van Sales Tracking Software

Yet another feather in the cap is the seamless integration of the robust sales force automation solution with Vehicle Tracking System (VTS), which eased my objective of tracking and managing the fleet on the go, with utmost security and supervision. One more highlight in the kitty of enterprise business solutions for field sales force is the competent and comprehensive CRM solution.

On a parting note, I would like to share my pleasure and satisfaction of having implemented this wonderful solution that has eased down my worries and provided my organization with the best of sales force automation. Surely a recommendation for all those enterprises who look for augmenting their business with a drive, not only to make their clients happy but have their employees every smiling and satisfied.

ZooM is SPEC INDIA’s flagship Mobile Sales Force Automation solution, designed with attractive offering models to suit small, medium and large enterprises, with a dedicated focus on mobilization and automation of routine activities of the sales force, customer executives and field representatives who are on the move. This feature rich Mobile Sales Force solution has been developed exclusively to connect the mobile field force with the corporate back office ensuring a real time, seamless and comprehensive information flow between the two. It handles end-to-end field sales force automation workflows showcasing the synergetic integration between planning and execution of sales force activities with the real time availability of business critical information.

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