Avoiding Sales Force Automation? Not a Great Idea Definitely

The challenges for organizations are getting tougher day by day and sustainability becomes the forte of the companies working smarter, with contemporary methodologies like Sales Force Automation, Customer Relationship Management and more integrated into their workflows.

The major issues for an organization for its Sales cycle are addressed by a competent Sales Force Management system in place combating competitors and providing a great overall experience to the consumers.

A Sales Force Automation simplifies sales cycles, identifies means to achieve higher close rates, enables improvised customer service and thus ensures a larger customer base. Inspite of this, surveys indicate that as many as 50% of the companies depends on the manual methods when it comes to sales activities.

Sales Force Automation

Major Concerns Arising By Using Manual Methods in Companies

Reluctant sales force compels organizations to avoid automation of SFA. Sales representatives normally create a rapport with the customers and focus on personalized methods. They become threatened with automated systems and consider it a tool which could create a communication gap between them and their clients. At times the processes and reporting cycles to be followed come across as a burden to them and additional responsibilities.

Generally, a manual way of functioning is not transparent and the managers and key decision makers remain unaware of the client concerns and ongoing with the client. Sometimes over ambitious commitments made by the Sales Representative might create confusion in the closely knit workflows between Production, Shop Floor, Marketing and Sales departments.

When departments remain out of sync, it is a matter of grave concern for productive operations across the organization.

Benefits of Using Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Management software can work as an integral support system for company sales strategy and not only just as another day-to-day organizational tool in multiple ways.

      Synergy across Departments

      An integrated SFA system keeps information on the fingertips of the workforce enabling personnel across the departments to analyze using appropriate tools and take practical decisions making achievable promises to the clients.

      This avoids face-saving exercises at a later stage.

      An Insightful Tool for the Management

      The BI and Analytics tools associated with Sales Force Automation Software help managers make better judgements related to the efficiency and effectiveness of the work done by sales representative working with them. They can assess the productivity of each employee and channelize their energies better with appropriate corrective actions.

      Efficient Leads to Order Delivery Experience

      SFA solutions generate quick projections and analyze leads in a better and systematic way. This saves a lot of time of the representatives, increasing their efficiency in closing deals.

      Because the data is available across departments, alerts are generated in case of expected delays for order deliveries and the clients can be made aware of the problems. Any questions or complaints of the customers are addressed in a better way as well, making a great value addition and keeping the customer confident and happy.

      Improved Customer Service

      Since Sales Force Management systems are an essential part of any CRM software, companies have common data repositories of clients and their details. The CRM software interconnect Marketing, Sales and Customer Service giving a proper analytical view of customer expectations to these departments, enabling them to strategize in accordance.

      In the absence of the regular sales representative, any other representative can be in charge of the customer and be in complete tune with the personalized needs, by studying the details of the customer from the integrated system.

      These increase speed and efficiency of the processes ensuring customer loyalty.

      Increased Revenues

      Better sales forecasts and predictions of consumer behavior patterns through analysis of past history result in increased speed and efficiency of workforce across departments. This directly results in a healthy Returns on Investments (RoI).

      Competition Intelligence

      With increasing competition, businesses constantly monitor their rivals. Since Sales Force Automation software is pre-equipped with competitive intelligence functions, they allow the businesses to keep any eye on the activities of the rivals to find out the perfect time to capitalize on missed sales activities of rivals.

      Such software also contains tools to identify potential customers and their activities, especially of customers dissatisfied by the services of competitors.

      Efficiently Managed Sales Teams

      Quick access to intricate details of the work and schedules of the sales team, managers can take appropriate course of actions as and when required.

      Mapping of sales territories with the sales person and the predicted customer base is easily done with the sophisticated tools within the Sales Force Automation systems for fruitful analysis.

      With this software managers can select a particular representative, based on his geography, expertise and availability, to follow-up or make a new sale to a particular customer.

      Apart from that, with lead-allocation tools, managers can help representatives who face bottlenecks or difficult situations handling certain customers.

In a Nutshell

Modern methods of working should always be put to use by organizations looking for better performances and long term advantages. Reluctance and apprehensions have to be weighed against the advantages of the new day systems. A competent Sales Force Automation system comes across as a proof of this approach.

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