As a value added subset of the actual sales force automation solution, ZooM’s Retail & Distributor app primarily, aims towards a real-time, seamless and direct collaboration between the distributors and retailers, reducing field force expenses. Through this flexible and standalone app, the retailer can directly place the order, the distributor can view all orders and update status accordingly, thereby, enhancing the rapport between them to a large extent.

With no dependency or licensing involved in the system, the sale is directly made to the company distributors. The retailer has the provision to claim the rewards, based on collection of certain points, through the rewards feature. Once the retailer registers, it goes to the company (HO) for approval and after approval, distributors falling in that area are assigned to them. Order taking can, then, be done directly and rewards can be claimed.

In a similar way, there is a defined workflow between the company and the distributor, in which the distributor using the mobile application or back-office can place order for themselves to the company and can claim rewards too.



Distributors Taking Direct Orders from Retailers

An augmented connection and commitment between retailers and distributors, optimizing business productivity and profitability


Distributors Dealing Directly with HO

A direct workflow between the distributors and the HO, facilitating quick, efficient and effective order placement and tracking


Rewards & Schemes

Retailers and Distributors availing a variety of rewards & schemes, motivating and driving them to enhance business processes and deliver to the optimum


Order Tracking

Automation of the whole procedure starting from the retailer’s order placement till its execution


Live Status of Orders Served

Complete and transparent visibility into the real-time inventory levels, orders processed, served and yet to be served