ZooM DMS is a value added, end-to-end distribution management solution that, with its salient features, aims to empower distributors to independently, monitor and manage distribution workflows, by automating primary and secondary sales processes. With more focus on large conglomerates that need it the most, DMS, as a scalable back-office support system for distributors,offers a complete visibility of transactions along the entire down-stream supply chain, assisting in governing promotions, refining productivity and profitability, restructuring inventory / sales and acquiring reliable and accurate information on secondary sales.The Head Office (HO) is in charge of managing the distributors, allocation of company products and monitoring of secondary sales done by the distributor. The HO also gives incentives / rewards to the distributors, as deserved.

Owing to certain challenges like third party integration, manifold communication networks, modernisation of trade and processes, there is a need for a solution that gives real-time access to distributors empowering them to take decisions on-the-go boosting their resources to manage demands successfully. As an autonomous value addition to the sales force automation system, it highlights a focussed approach by distributors towards their activities. It helps them to straighten out their network with full visibility of performances at every outlet. This, directly, results into happy, satisfied customers and distributors.

Key Highlights


Lessen Workload of Head Office

A much reduced load on the HO, with distributors empowered with an independent system, able to handle and manage all activities on their own.


Direct Placement of Orders by Distributors

Instant availability of system to distributors to manage and monitor orders, lessening dependency on HO to do the same, thereby fastening the entire process of order management.


Manage Claims & Rewards Efficiently

Smooth and quick management of claims and rewards with flexible operations handled by the distributor themselves, with HO setting incentives for them.


Effective Management of Inventory and Distributor Stock

A complete view available to HO, of the stock available at distributor locations andsecondary sale made by distributor to retailer.